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Top Ten Shrimping Light #4

#4 is the Gator-Tough™ Ultra Tri-color Series™ GT-5730-G

#4 is the Gator-Tough™ Ultra Tri-color Series™ GT-5730-G

As our favored we selected the GatorTough Ultra Series™ of Shrimping Lights for the flowing Reasons:

Gator-Tough™ Pro-Shrimper Series GT-5730-G

Our H.I.D. Technology Lights™ are used for fishing/shrimping/gigging. are 12 inches by 2 inch wide and have 150 H.I.D. Chips. Super bright GREEN LED's, 12v saltwater shrimping light with Extra Long 40 ft heavy duty power cord & alligator clips.

High Luminous Flux 5730 = 6000 - 6750LM Come with an Extra Long 40 ft Heavy Duty Industrial Strength power cord... have a Waterproof in line Fuse holder and 5 amp Fuse included... have Two Copper battery clips attached to power cord... NOTE: (Copper is a natural conductor of electricity, so it is better than metal, brass or alloy clips)…

They have Welded Seams... (NOT Glued)… They use a process called “TUBE FUSION™” They use an Exclusive H.I.D. Tri-Chip Technology… and are a True H.I.D. High intensity design ... have a High Luminous Flux 5730 = 6000 - 6750LM "Lumens" is a measure of light”

That are Super Long Lasting 50,000 - 100,000 plus hours life span... and are made Exclusively for GatorTough Lights™. They have a Heavy Duty water proof Flex strain relief on the power cord…

All Connections are given a bath a non corrosive in liquid flux then Hot Dipped Soldered... 63% Tin 33% Lead... all Connections are Heat Shrink wrapped... and have super advanced Buoyancy added... they are fully portable... Cool to the tough... are Used in fresh or saltwater applications…

and come standard with a LIFETIME NO leakage warranty... GatorTough™ has the only “LIFETIME WARRANTY” in the industry…

Therefore we put them on the Top of our To[p Ten Shrimp Lights List, given them Five out of Five stars and rate them the highest Shrimping lights in the industry.

GatorTought Shrimp Lights have twelve models to choose from, all having the same quality as the ones we rated out top picks.

Unlike other low grade Shrimp lights being sold at flea markets that have been known to leak.

GatorTought Shrimp lights™ have Welded Seams... (NOT Glued)... They give you a LIFETIME NO leakage warranty on all their lights. You won't find this kind of quality in any other light.

GatorTough™ we also use a special “advanced” process to add extra “buoyancy” to all our lights, making them “more buoyant” than any other light on the market today.

All GatorTough’s lights are specially designed to our exact specifications to give our lights the most even luminescent light flow of any other. Using the latest most “advanced even light flow technology diode chips”. To give an even luminescent light flow throughout the entire Shrimp Light.

Gator-Tough™ Pro-Shrimper GT-Series

have the below Quality features:


GatorTough™ offers a LIFE TIME NO leakage warranty on housing…Gator-Tough™ H.I.D. Chip's are warranted 50,000 - 100,000  light hrs, or 3 years which ever comes first… Gator-Tough™ uses high quality components to make our Gator-Tough™ LED Lights. In the unlikely event of component failure, your Gator-Tough™ LED Lights will be replaced or repaired FREE of charge during the warranty period.

The Purchaser is responsible for return shipping to us. This warranty is non-transferable. You must be the original purchaser and also send a copy of your receipt with proof of purchase. See for further warranty details..

 All Gator-Tough™  H.I.D. LED's are Custom Made from the Manufacture for Gator-Tough™ to be implemented in all Gator-Tough™ Shrimping, Fishing, & Gigging Lights!

Not All Lights are created equal...

All Gator-Tough™  H.I.D. Tri-Chip LED Underwater Technology lights have the following quality features!!!

"Lumens" is a measure of light”

GatorTough™ Have the only “LIFETIME WARRANTY” in the industry…

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